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We, the Line Internationnal Shipping are a ship management company specializing in providing services of ship pollution response, oil sludge disposal, tanker cleaning and ship provisions supply. To render more comprehensive port support services to our shipping company customers, we have expanded the scope of our services to cover food supply, tanker repair, sailor demobilization and port services.

Thanks to the support of various authorities and agencies of the Qingdao Port and our ship owner/ship management customers, and to the unremitting efforts of our staff, we have developed into a comparatively large and prestigious company in the trade.

With the People's Republic of China on Emergency Preparedness and Response on Marine Environment Pollution from Ships is formulated. Our company is committed to marine oil spill emergency services as the focus of business development, we have cooperated with the other four strength of the company to invest twenty million to establish "Qingdao BinHai Anti-Pollution Co., Ltd." And in 2011 November 3, with very good grades smoothly through the evaluation work of "Ministry of Transport about the ship pollution response organizations level qualification" ,and become the first batch which have the Level One qualifications of EmergencyPreparedness and Response on Marine Environment Pollution from Ships service at Qingdao port. Qingdao BinHai Anti-Pollution Co., Ltd.now has 7 own-ships, including three 1000 cubic tankers, four 500 cubic tankers, four auxiliary vessels leased. We have a 1200 square meters oil spill response equipment storage which we investment in building and have begun to use. We according to the relevant regulations and requirements of equipped with oil spill response equipment and materials. Now we are building two 850 cubic professional oil spill emergency response vessel, 4 auxiliary vessels professional oil spill which are expected to be delivered and used before the end of 2012.

As a shareholder of Qingdao BinHai Anti-Pollution Co., Ltd.Qingdao Union Line Shipping Co., Ltd. are always willing to sign ‘the Agreement for Ship Pollution Response’ with you in the best price. And will provide for your company ships professional in tank cleaning, sludge and garbage disposal, food supply and other services, please feel free to contact us. 

   Giving the highest value to credibility and good faith and constantly committed to the protection of the ocean environment, we will expand our investment and upgrade our management, and make continued contributions to the cause of protection of Qingdao’s ocean environment under the leadership of the Maritime Administration and other port authorities. Looking ahead, we have full confidence in honoring our commitment to the maintenance of a blue and clean ocean environment.

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