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  Human Resources
Respect for talent and people
The Company’s human resource development strategy is to recruit the best people and give full play to their talents. We follow the principle of recruiting people with both talent and high moral standards, as we believe loyalty is more important to the Company than talent. A talented person without good moral standards is unacceptable to the Company.
Human resources are the basis for survival and development of the Company. Respect for people and talent is our guiding principle. With good human resources, there is no reason not to prosper. We treat talents as the most important and valuable resource for the Company, and protect them with the same degree of care as we take to protect our eyes, as they are the foundation for sustainable development of the Company.  
We give more value to ability than educational background.
We promote people according to their performance rather than their record of service.
We always recruit and promote talents in line with the above principles.
Create the best environment for our talents
In line with the requirements of the development of the Company, we select cardres from among our staff and recruit new talents to form a strong labor force through constant training. We advocate “common development of the individual and the company”, and believe that a highly qualified labor force is a guarantee for the competitiveness of the Company. We provide equitable opportunities and conditions for the employees, make fair evaluation of their performance, recognize and respect their personal interests, and share with them the benefits brought about through the development of the Company. In addition, we improve their working and living conditions, and upgrade the quality of their work and life.
Through appraising the merits of the employees, issuing awards to labor models, advancement of the workers, innovation talents and technical leadership, we aim to improve our incentive system. The Company is developing into an international entity and has great prospects for development. In the Company, we always refer to each other as “us”, and never “you” or “I”, a characteristic of our harmony and solidarity. We are a team of talents with common goals and aspirations, dedicated to contribute our strength to the society.
Your ability will reinforce our excellent team. We look forward to your joining us.
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