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Garbage Disposal

The Company spares no effort to ensure prompt collection, transport and disposal of garbage from arriving vessels in strict accordance with the PRC Law of Prevention of Environment Pollution by Solid Wastes, Rules of Management of City Appearance and Environment Hygiene, the Planning for Management of Ship Garbage, and other applicable laws and regulations. To meet the demand of arriving vessels for garbage collection services, the Company has reached agreement with environmental protection institutions in Qingdao on the transportation and disposal of ship garbage on the basis of paid use of resources. 

According to the requirements of the Company with its garbage collection vessels:
1. the facilities or containers for the storage of ship garbage and solid wastes must be kept intact, with clean appearance and environmentally maintained and may not be moved, dismantled or closed inadvertently.
2. All ship garbage shall be transported to garbage transfer stations or disposal fields designated by the administrative authority of Qingdao for city appearance and environment hygiene, and may not be dumped at will. Every care will be taken to properly dispose the garbage in order to protect the already fragile environment of our world. 
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