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Ship maintenance

Seagoing repair means the repair to the above-water line of a vessel located on the water, outside the shipyard, and includes deck works, cabin and turbine works, and piping and electrical wire works. With our specialized repair work team and sophisticated equipment, we provide repair services at the anchorage and in the shipyard.

Including: main engine cylinders, electrical stove boards, water pumps, deck weldings, piston, and electric motors.
 Marine Repairing Services : 
1.  Repair and Overhaul service for Main Engine & Auxiliary Diesel Generator
2.  Repair and Overhaul service of various type of Turbo-charger
3.  Repair and calibration, timing of High Pressure Fuel Injection Pump. 
4.  Overhaul Service of the Main Engine Remote Control system
5.  Chemical Cleaning of the Boiler, Air Cooler, etc, and Renew of Boiler Pipes
6.  Repairing service of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration system
7.  Repairing or installation service for Purifier, Oil Water Separator, Incinerator, F.W Generator, etc 
8.  Repairing or new supply of various type Pumps, Valves, and Rewinding of Electric Motor
9.  Repairing service for Anchor Windlass, Mooring Winch, Cranes, Steering Gear, hydraulic equipment, etc. and the brake holding test / load test. 
10. Renewal of the steel plate, pipes and fittings, etc.
11. Automation service
12. Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement 
Reconditioning service :
1,   Recondition service for Cylinder Cover, Piston Crown, Exhaust Valve Seat / Spindle, Fuel injection Nozzle, Hydraulic Ram, etc.  
2,  Repairing and Reconditioning service for various type of Hydraulic motor / pump. 
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